PST - What You Need to Know About Engineering and Contract Administration April 24, 2017

Late on Friday April 21st ACEC-SK was contacted by the Ministry of Finance. They indicated that no resolution was yet available regarding Engineering Contract Administration PST implications. 

ACEC-SK does not expect a resolution until Ministry of Finance staff makes a decision to either accept or reject CCDC’s interpretation of the consultant’s role in contract administration.  At this juncture Finance is still viewing how engineers and contractors do contract administration as the same.  This has been reinforced over the years by some general membership confusion about how PST is generally applicable to engineering services.

As a consequence, ACEC-SK will be providing education sessions that incorporate CCDC's  interpretation of the consultant's role in contract administration. We anticipate a rapid deployment of these sessions in order to assist with a favorable Ministry of Finance decision .  

In the interim we wish to make members aware of two Ministry of Finance seminars where officials will be answering questions about the impact of PST on the construction industry. 

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