Province Seeks ACEC-SK Input into New Economic Growth Plan

The Saskatchewan government unveiled the Saskatchewan Plan for Growth in 2012. At the time, ACEC-SK applauded the government for taking the bold step of creating a 10-year plan, which at the time was something typically unheard of on the Canadian political landscape. 

The Saskatchewan Plan for Growth to 2020 and Beyond targeted several key priorities on which the government could focus to move the Saskatchewan economy forward, complete with associated success benchmarks.  As we all know, the economic landscape has changed drastically over the years, but by having this plan, the government could adjust its actions but still keep specific priorities top of mind.

The government is now in the process of creating the next 10-year Growth Plan, and is seeking input from interested stakeholders, as well as encouraging feedback from members of the public.  We understand the government’s Planning and Priorities Committee is reviewing this feedback and it will be considered during the creation of the next plan.

The Ministry of Trade and Export Development contacted ACEC-SK directly, in recognition of the consulting engineering industry’s significant contribution to the economy, to provide feedback to this planning exercise.

See ACEC-SK’s response here.

Sept 17, 2019

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