Industry Capacity Survey Phase III


Watch for ACEC-SK’s soon-to-be launched Industry Capacity Survey, its goal being to report the Saskatchewan consulting engineering industry’s ability to respond to current and future market opportunities.  The environment today is very different than what it was when the association launched its first survey.

The industry capacity survey that will soon be circulated is the third one over six years ago has returned to a simpler, more abbreviated format which should facilitate ease of response.  Ultimately, the survey’s intent is to determine which areas of practice are seeing expansion, contraction, or stability in employment, whether members see growth opportunities in particular industry sectors, what experience levels are currently being harnessed, and where there are gaps. More and more client groups are seeking industry capacity information to inform their long-term planning.  Our association advocates for longer-term capital planning and the information we share will contribute to everyone experiencing better project delivery outcomes.

Our first survey happened in 2016.  The results benchmarked the industry’s ability to respond to market demand for its services at a time when public capital budgets were constrained, and private sector capital investment slowed to a trickle.  At this time Saskatchewan companies were closely examining their business models to try to keep their staff employed with depleting backlog and fewer new opportunities.

Our second survey sought to gain a deeper understanding of whether various industry sectors were more greatly impacted than others by reduced capital investment.  It responded to differing client groups that sought information about whether consultants offering a particular area of practice could meet demand.  This was during a time when many Saskatchewan consulting firms were laying off many junior staff members as well as some intermediate staff.  The Saskatchewan industry was exporting talent to sustain their operations or had pared down its operations to survive in a lower demand market.  To do this, however, the survey detail by necessity was more complex, and made it more challenging for our members to respond.

It is our association’s intent to do these shorter industry capacity surveys on a more regular basis to ensure we can contribute to this province’s capital planning.  Our industry maintains that it is not the expansion or contraction of capital investment that impacts capacity so much as the measured, planned release of that investment. Planning creates the best opportunity for successful project delivery.

Feb 8, 2022

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