Important Considerations for Engineers and Construction Sites


ACEC-SK has advocated with other representatives of the Construction Industry to keep construction sites open.  To do so, however, is fraught with a myriad of new considerations and risks:


There is an expectation that contractors be responsible for safety plans, but what is the role of the engineer on site, particularly when acting as the Owner’s Engineer?

What are the engineer’s obligations?  What liability does the engineer take on by being on these work sites?  But what liability do engineers take on if they are not?  Some sites are allowing virtual inspections.  What precedent is there for this, and what opinions do risk professionals have about this process?

On a different subject, what additional costs will be incurred by leaving these sites open?  The social distancing obligations alone will generate a significant number of additional costs, particularly if travel to and from site is required. These need to be recognized and incorporated into contractual arrangements.

While ACEC-SK felt it was important to advocate for sites remaining open, ALL consulting engineering firms should seriously examine their own independent risk profiles and make decisions accordingly while trying to stay ahead of the changes that are arising every moment.

March 31, 2020

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