Ensuring the voice of the Saskatchewan consulting engineering industry is heard in the 2020 provincial election

The 2020 Saskatchewan provincial election to be held on October 26, 2020 has now been formally announced. The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) is joining the election conversation to provide input about infrastructure investment. 

ACEC-SK was extremely grateful for the recent injection of infrastructure stimulus funding made available to assist Saskatchewan's economic recovery.  As part of the conversation, we will share important studies that tell the story about how infrastructure investment supports the economy, as well as thoughts about how government can get the best possible value from future infrastructure investments.

Professional engineers quietly support the quality of everyday life of Saskatchewan citizens in the natural and built environment.  Our message reminds the public and politicians about the significant contributions of consulting engineers to infrastructure.  The extensive experience gained through these contributions allows our industry to confidently speak to the following recommendations:

1. Ensure measured infrastructure spending continues at a pace that allows industry to provide the best value for Saskatchewan taxpayers.

2. Ensure early, regular, and consistent private sector input into public procurement processes

3. Use strategic infrastructure spending to attract private sector investment to Saskatchewan


Reaching out to the parties

To put our industry issues front and center in the minds of the candidates, our policy positions have been shared with the major parties to encourage them to address strategic infrastructure investments in their platforms. ACEC-SK has also sent a questionnaire to the parties to understand their vision for infrastructure. Their response, and an analysis of their party platform commitments related to infrastructure will be shared here. Make sure to follow ACEC-SK on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn as we announce the release of this important election information.

Get Involved

ACEC-SK is a strong voice for Saskatchewan’s consulting engineering industry – but we need your help to amplify it and make our message heard loud and clear. It’s easy to join our efforts:

With your support, the voice of our industry will be heard during this election campaign. Together, we can make a difference in how the next government collaborates with the private sector to implement strategic infrastructure investments. Let’s make this election about #EngineeringOurEconomy

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