Building Sector Report December 2019


Both the Saskatoon and Regina Buildings Committees have been quite active recently, including organizing a second National Energy Code Workshop in two years, expressing its concerns about the impacts of delayed building permits, and participating in consultations with the provincial government regarding the UBAS.

The Buildings Standards Branch of Government Relations is currently undertaking consultations with stakeholders regarding The Uniform Building and Accessibility Standards Act (UBAS).  The UBAS Act has been identified for legislative renewal in 2019-20. Renewals are intended to ensure an act and associated regulations are still effective and relevant, without being unduly burdensome on the people, businesses and local authorities of Saskatchewan. As part of the renewal process, stakeholders are invited to present options and opinions on the modernization and improvement of building and accessibility standards legislation in Saskatchewan.  ACEC-SK has been identified as one such stakeholder.  Please provide any comments you wish to share about opportunities for improvement to UBAS to the attention of ACEC-SK by no later than January 10, 2020.  ACEC-SK will compile the responses and share them with Buildings Standards Branch early in the New Year.

As well, in the fall the Regina Buildings group delivered another successful conference  at both major urban centres about the application of the National Energy Code. This conference’s goal was to offer some clarification about appropriate applications of solutions in this new context.

One significant industry issue prevalent across the entire province has been the delayed issuance of Building Permits.  Industry feedback has been provided to both the Cities of Saskatoon and Regina regarding the impact these delays are causing.  ACEC-SK representatives have participated in focus groups, responded to surveys, and offered industry input into ways the municipal authorities can expedite the issuance of building permits.  ACEC-SK also participated, together with other partners in the construction industry, in a meeting with the provincial Red Tape Reduction Committee to explain how these permitting delays are impacting provincial economic growth.

December 20, 2019

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