ACEC-SK Needs Feedback from Transportation Sector Members!

Since February 2020, the Transportation Executive Committee (TEC) has participated in an extensive MHI review of Best Value Procurement for Professional Services. It was led by MHI, first through an external facilitator, and then by members of MHI’s Special Projects Office to finalize the details.  MHI’s motivations has been to create a more objective, data-driven performance evaluation process that allows projects for consultants to reach market more quickly. It has also allowed the consulting engineering industry to provide input into such things as how to better differentiate among consultants. 

MHI is now making some recommendations for implementation, some of which are based in part on ACEC-SK’s input.  ACEC-SK will be sending out a series of emails to all transportation sector members to solicit feedback about these recommendations.

ACEC-SK recognizes how busy the industry is right now.  However, this is our best chance to influence any meaningful change for consultant procurement with MHI so watch for these emails over the next week, and please take 5 minutes to respond.  We’ve all been saying we want and need procurement changes at MHI.  We can’t miss this opportunity!

July 20, 2020

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