ACEC-SK Board meets SK Cabinet Members

ACEC-SK met with multiple Cabinet Ministers during the week of May 11th in response to inaccurate NDP and media comments regarding the consulting engineering industry.  The intent was to ascertain the government’s current position on the continued use of the private sector to deliver infrastructure projects.

Cabinet Ministers indicated plans for significant infrastructure investment to accommodate the needs of a growing province, and expressed its intent to continue working with industry to deliver these projects.

There were also several programs recognized by Cabinet that have been delivered by consultants where there have been considerable cost savings for the taxpayer, such as the Emergency Flood Damage Reduction Program.

The board will continue to educate government decision-makers about the benefits of using consultants versus in-house engineers.  As the business voice of the majority of Saskatchewan’s consulting engineering and geoscience firms, one of ACEC-SK’s greatest priorities is to dispel any misinformation in the marketplace about consulting engineering and geoscience services.

May 2016

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