SMRs - Business Opportunities for Saskatchewan Consulting Engineering Industry


Friday, May 13, 2022

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Session Two - OPG (Ontario Power Generation)


12:00-12:10 PM  Login
12:10-12:20 PM 

Introductions, Safety Moment, and Land Acknowledgement (10 minutes)

12:20-12:25 PM

Purpose of Session - OPG & ACEC-SK (5 mins)

12:25-12:55 PM

Project Overview (30 mins)

Brief History (original project, how consultants/eng firms were used, pause, restart)

  • Engineering
  • Environment
  • Licensing
  • Other

DNNP Process to date (tech select – how and who)

Major buckets of work (power block, CCW, switchyard, infrastructure, licensing)

  • Where are engineering firms being used today for design work? 
  • Where are we using consultants in Environment and Licensing
12:55-1:25 PM

Future Considerations (30 mins)

Siting (potential for multi-use)

  • Geotechnical
  • External hazards risk analysis
  • Transportation/heavy load logistics
  • Electrical system modelling
  • Considerations for emergency planning zones


Stakeholder management

Other thoughts from OPG on potential consulting engineering opportunities and needs for SMRs in Saskatchewan and Canada

What we need from service providers (nuclear knowledge, etc.)

1:25-1:40 PM

Open Discussion (15 min)

1:40-1:45 PM

Closing Comments


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