2022 Virtual Industry Forum with Water Security Agency

Wednesday May 11, 2022

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Infrastructure Updates and Networking Opportunities

New this Year

Aquatic Habitat Protection Permits

Flood Mapping Initiative

Irrigation Update





10:45 AM

WSA - Overview (10 mins)
John Fahlman, Senior Vice President, Technical Services and Chief Engineer

10:55 AM

Capital Overview (10 mins)
Shay-Anne Schier, Director, Infrastructure Planning  

11:05 AM

Infrastructure Engineering (10 mins)
Andrew Hildebrandt, Acting Director, Infrastructure Engineering

11:15 AM

Break (5 mins)

11:20 AM

Owners Engineer(10 mins)
Terry Barkway, Director, Owners Engineer & Technical Consultant 

11:30 AM

O&M Projects & Dam Safety Projects(15 mins)
Jody Scammell, Director, Operations & Maintenance 

11:45 AM

Aquatic Habitat Protection Permits (15 mins)
Jeff Hovdebo, Executive Director, Water Programs & Services 

12:00 PM

Lunch (30 mins)

12:30 PM

Drinking Water and Wastewater (30 mins)
Jeff Paterson, Executive Director, Environmental & Municipal Management Services

12:50 PM

Flood Mapping Initiative  (10 mins)
Gary Neil, Manager, Watershed Planning

1:00 PM

Irrigation Update (10 mins)
Clinton Molde, Executive Director Irrigation Development

01:10 PM

Break-out Q&A Sessions: Direct Conversations with Individual Presenters (45 mins) On registration form please indicate which presenters you wish to interact with (limit of 2) 

1:55 PM

Closing Remarks        



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