2021 Recipient

The 2021 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) Mentor Award recipient is Jeff Osborne, P.Eng. 

Jeff has been in the consulting engineering industry for nearly four decades. He has been employee, partner, managing leader, and principal for Stantec Consulting Ltd and its predecessor firm Yoneda & Associates Partnership (acquired by Stantec in 2002) for over 39 years. He is a gifted engineer with a focus on high quality solutions to a variety of complex problems. His approach to all projects is one of “the right way” and not just “the easy way”.

Jeff Osborne is an excellent example of a mentor; assuring his mentees that the time and energy they put into their learning will be rewarded. He encourages growth, learning, and achievement from his team. With his subtle leadership style, Jeff Osborne holds in esteem intellectual growth, career development, professional guidance, and mentorship advocacy as a few of his mentor qualities. Jeff encourages his mentees to work just outside of their comfort zones in order to promote growth. Through careful observation, Jeff guides goal setting for his mentees.He leads by example and offers opportunities for his mentees to learn alongside more experienced engineers. Jeff has mastered the art of offering advice and guidance; empowering his mentees to choose and act in their best interests. With a patient demeanor, Jeff has imparted his “Do what is right” attitude as a standard of design.


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