Will QBS be a Reality in Saskatchewan?

Priority Saskatchewan’s mandate is leading public procurement transformational change for provincial government and Crown corporations.  It has adopted a phased-in approach to this change, already introducing Best Value Procurement as the first phase.

One of the more sophisticated types of procurements is Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS).  This procurement tool requires more subjective considerations.  Priority Saskatchewan is now evaluating how this tool could be incorporated into their transitional change approach to provincial procurement.

To that end, ACEC-SK has been asked to provide examples of inadequate provincial government and Crown corporation procurements from a consulting engineering industry perspective.  These case studies should support building the argument for adopting QBS.

We need your help to compile these examples.  If you have experienced problematic procurements from a provincial Ministry, Crown or agency in the past year, ACEC-SK wants to hear about it.  But we’re going to need more than just a high-level summary of your experience.  We’ll need you to trace your concerns back to the exact wording in the RFP or other procurement processes.  So dust off the documents you have used in your recent pursuits and help your association create the case for adopting QBS in Saskatchewan.

We need these examples NOW.  This is your opportunity to be part of the solution. 

Please forward case studies to:

Beverly MacLeod
Executive Director

Member of: