Virtual Delivery of Future Capital Works Information

Since the advent of COVID-19, ACEC-SK has heard its members loud and clear. “Tell government to keep the work coming!” to keep member firms viable and so they can retain staff.  You will read in the March 2020 ACEC-SK newsletter the correspondence we sent to both Premier Moe and Minister Harrison recommending capital projects be fast-tracked as a form of economic stimulus – infrastructure stimulus.  Our recommendations harmonized with those of ACEC-Canada which were included in a letter recently released to the Prime Minister of Canada.

ACEC-SK operations have also been impacted by COVID-19.  It has forced us to reinvent how we deliver a number of our member services. Because we can no longer deliver forums and conferences in person, we will now provide details about upcoming projects being offered by public and private clients through virtual conferences. ACEC-SK remains committed to continued delivery of the Business Forums you have come to expect.

It is now rumoured that governments at both the provincial and federal levels are reviewing what capital projects can be fast-tracked because they recognize spending this money will result in assets the province can benefit from in the long-term.  We are hearing from multiple sources that these discussions are currently on-going. Note, however, that at this juncture these are only rumours, and we have ZERO confirmation as of this writing.  However, we are hopeful.

That said, we believe continued delivery of our Business Development Forums that provide details about any upcoming capital works, only now in virtual form, is a priority ACEC-SK member service during these turbulent times.  We hope you do, too!

March 31, 2020

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