RFPs - Help ACEC-SK Help the Client

ACEC-SK needs your help to educate and support clients when procuring consulting engineering and geoscience services.

Many organizations across the province, both public and private, are working hard to adapt to the current economy.  There is incredible pressure on owners and purchasing agents to ensure their design and construction dollars are well spent, and consequently many are facing challenges when hiring a Consultant. These challenges include limited resources, a lack of appropriate in-house Consultant selection processes/tools and inexperience in the planning of a construction project.  As a result, many of our clients struggle with how and when to engage a Consultant. 

ACEC-SK works to inform, educate and support clients to ensure they are more knowledgeable when engaging our members as trusted advisors early in the life of a project.  We believe that this the best way to ensure clients’ needs are properly addressed in an economical manner. 

As part of this initiative, ACEC-SK invites members to watch for examples of RFPs and Consulting procurements practices that do not reflect what the client really needs or are not truly in the clients’ best long-term interests. Should you become aware of such a situation we request that you advise the ACEC-SK office at info@acec-sk.ca.  These examples will allow ACEC-SK to determine how it may be able to assist that client (or other future clients) to engage a Consultant in a manner that truly benefits their best interests in the long term.

October 2016

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