Future Sector Committee Updates

Rather than high-level information shared in a newsletter update, in 2022 ACEC-SK will begin offering specific written committee updates in articles distributed directly and exclusively to committee members.  In this way all committee members should have the latest industry news impacting their sector.  Only when something is finalized, and approved by stakeholders, will any details be published in our ACEC-SK Advisor newsletter.

In the past it has always been challenging to broadly publish details about in-progress advocacy initiatives.  There is always a risk that items currently under consideration could be misunderstood by the reader to be fully completed, when in actuality they are only at the discussion stage.  Therefore, we have taken the decision to offer targeted communications directly to committees in an attempt to share works in-progress to provide sector committees with more timely information.  We also commit to sharing sector decisions more broadly across the entire industry when completed.

Happy New Year to All.

December 20, 2021


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