Engineering Services and PST - Know Your Stuff!

The Ministry of Finance is currently examining whether engineers should be charged PST for contract administration. ACEC-SK’S Recommended Schedule of Fees services categories is the resource used by the Ministry when determining what engineering services are PST chargeable.  The Association has provided necessary clarification to the Ministry to support a favourable decision for our members.

However it is essential that consulting engineering firms can clearly articulate the definition of each category of service.

Two issues:

Know your Stuff!

With the PST now chargeable on some construction services, our industry must use the same language for consulting engineering services to ensure they are taxed consistently.

To facilitate clarity, eliminate descriptor confusion and avoid unintentional PST issues, ACEC-SK will be offering ‘high-level’ educational sessions at upcoming sector committee meetings.  Depending on attendance and member feedback, we will expand the delivery of these educational sessions in a ‘lunch and learn’ format to assist members more clearly navigate the categories of services from a business perspective.

Watch for upcoming schedules.


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