Changes to National Building and Fire Codes




Saskatchewan is proposing to adopt the National Building Code 2015 and the National Fire Code 2015 for full implementation on July 1, 2017.  Published by Codes Canada of the National Research Council under the direction of the Canadian Commission on Building and Fire Codes (the Commission) these editions of the NBC 2015 and NFC 2015 will replace earlier editions adopted for use in Saskatchewan.  Adoption of the National Energy Code 2015 and NBC 2015, Subsection 9.36 Energy Efficiency are proposed for July 1, 2017, with full implementation on January 1, 2019.

Developed on a consensus basis with input from provinces, territories, industry and other code users the NBC 2015 and NFC 2015 are based on the following objectives.  These include:

In pursuit of these objectives in building construction, renovation, and changes in use and occupancy, the NBC 2015 and NFC 2015 have been updated to reflect on innovation in building science, construction techniques, and new products that support the demand for safe, healthy, habitable buildings.  Those updates have been through public review, scrutiny by the Commission and review by the Provincial Territorial Policy Advisory Committee on Codes prior to being included in the new editions.

To meet the needs of certain Saskatchewan programs that benefit people and industry, a number of provisions specific to Saskatchewan’s needs have been developed as amendments to both the NBC 2015 and the NFC 2015.  Those amendments are detailed in the attached documents and provided for your review and comment.  Comments are required by March 28, 2017, and may be directed in writing by mail, email, or fax to:

Building Standards and Licensing Branch
Saskatchewan Ministry of Government Relations
100 – 1855 Victoria Avenue
REGINA, SK     S4P 3T2
306-798-4172 fax

Code adoption workshops, introducing changes found in the NBC 2015 and NFC 2015 are scheduled for Regina and Saskatoon on April 18 and 20 respectively.  Interested parties are asked to register using the attached form.


William N. Hawkins
Executive Director/Chief Building Official

Member of: