ACEC-SK 2021 Recommended Schedule of Fees

As you can imagine, in the world of COVID where no one has a crystal ball to predict the future, the task of setting ACEC-SK’s Recommended Schedule of Fees will be a monumental task.  To that end, all member firms can expect to be contacted by ACEC-SK’s Executive Committee to gain a greater appreciation of what members are experiencing in their particular sector of the industry.
Your frank summary about such things as your firm’s experience with client expectations, and whether your firm is contemplating a fee increase, decrease, or hold would be appreciated, particularly in light of the current volume of work available in your sector(s).  We know that firms are currently looking at salary reviews right now, so it is important that we capture your viewpoints as we finalize the 2021 Fee Guideline.
Just as importantly, and perhaps even more critical in the long-term, will be to understand your firm’s position about the relevancy of the document in its current state.  This industry can easily argue that it is much more important to take a look at the total cost of services rather than granular considerations such as an hourly rate or a percentage of the cost of construction.  It’s the path forward to achieve this where we especially need your input.

October 5, 2020


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