2016 ACEC-SK Industry Capacity Survey

The Association of Consulting Engineering Companies – Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) has undertaken a provincial Consulting Engineering and Geoscience Industry Capacity Survey.  

Currently, there is no real data, only anecdotal evidence that addresses consulting engineering and geoscience industry capacity.  Therefore, completing the ACEC-SK survey will benefit the industry as a whole as well as your individual member firm.

Purpose: to gauge the current and near-term future ability of consulting engineering and geoscience firms to respond to Saskatchewan market needs.

Benefits:  improved resource planning with results giving an understanding of the labour market supply of Saskatchewan’s consulting engineering and geoscience industry; in turn will result in more accurate staffing planning, lending to the health of the industry which better serves the sectors in which services are provided.

When: on February 29th, 2016 a short electronic survey was sent from the Centre of Management Development at the University of Regina.  Due to the sensitivity of information, ACEC-SK has opted to use a third-party service provider to both deliver this survey and compile the results.

ACEC-SK strongly encourages your firm to participate in this very important piece of research.  Should you choose to participate, your firm will receive a complimentary executive summary of the results.  The results will only be shared in aggregate form such that any ACEC-SK volunteer will not be able to use your individual company information for competitive advantage.

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