Contracts & Fees

Professional Service Agreement

Consulting engineers and geoscientists seeking to do business with the Government of Saskatchewan now have a standardized, efficient Professional Service Agreement (PSA).

Collaboration between the Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Saskatchewan and Government of Saskatchewan officials resulted in a standardized contract language PSA document.

Professional Services Agreement Fillable Form


Recommended Schedule of Fees

The Recommended Schedule of Fees to be charged for both "General Engineering and Geoscience Projects" and "Specialized Engineering Projects and Services in the Building Field" are meant to be a guideline for both Consultants and Clients.

ACEC-SK takes the position that Consultants and Clients are responsible for negotiating a fee based upon clear understanding of the project scope, terms for reference and risk assesment associated with success completing the project.

ACEC-SK has opted to hold the current rates of the recommended fees for Saskatchewan consulting engineering services for 2021. The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic is still developing and impacting our economy, which continues to raise uncertainty in our client’s businesses which further impacts on the consulting engineering services industry. The association recognizes the validity of identifying trends in rates and fees during these tough challenging times would be short-lived and likely inaccurate. ACEC-SK is striking a Task Force of individuals from member firms and industry partners to undertake a fulsome review of ACEC-SK’s current Recommended Schedule of Fees document. The goal is to revise the document to make sure it is relevant in today’s marketplace and more inclusive of all disciplines. This Task Force will be led by a member of the ACEC-SK Executive Committee, who will report regularly to the Board on the progress and challenges.  


Selecting the Right Professional for the Job

A guide to assist clients with the selection process when hiring a consulting engineer or geoscientist. 

Sharing this document with potential clients will ensure that they have the right tools to make the right decision for their project.

"Best Practice" for Hiring Consulting Engineering and Geoscience Firms








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