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SMHI Prefers Design-Build Project Delivery

The Deputy Minister of Saskatchewan Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (SMHI) has indicated his intentions to introduce the Design-Build (D-B) project delivery method as his preferred path to deliver more roads within existing Ministry budgets.  He argues that D-B introduces innovation into the system, and allows the marketplace to be more creative in the delivery of their projects.

To facilitate the transition to D-B, SMHI has set up a D-B Steering Committee and D-B Working Group with representation from SMHI, Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association, and ACEC-SK.  ACEC-SK conducted elections for representatives on these bodies, with Patrick Lalach selected as the ACEC-SK Steering Committee representative , and Derrick Tannahill and Michael Walker selected as the ACEC-SK Working Group representatives.

Date set for Meet and Greet with Fred Antunes, SMHI Deputy Minister

Over the summer of 2017, Fred Antunes was introduced as the new Deputy Minister of Highways and Infrastructure.  He held a Meet and Greet meeting with ACEC-SK’s Transportation Executive Committee in late summer to become acquainted with the representatives, and to share his preliminary thoughts about the direction of the Ministry.  At that time ACEC-SK requested the Deputy Minister meet with the entire transportation sector membership.  This meeting has now been arranged as follows:

Date:  Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Time:  9:00 – 10:00am

Location:  Golder Associates Main Boardroom, 1721 8th Street East, Saskatoon

Due to space limitation, we are requesting only one representative from each transportation sector member firm attend.  Please bring your questions that will be addressed directly by the Deputy Minister.

Change is coming

On November 1, Deputy Minister Fred Antunes contacted the ACEC-SK office to advise there will be a few changes to consultant procurement effective almost immediately:

Further, SMHI will now be centralizing and standardizing their procurements through Glenn Deck and his team in Regina, rather than procurements emanating from individual Regions.


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