QBS Presentation - City of Regina

On June 7, 2016 ACEC-SK held its annual meeting with the City of Regina.  ACEC-SK was well represented at this meeting where leaders of the City’s various business units that deliver capital projects shared information about upcoming work.  In addition to City project information, ACEC-SK took the opportunity to deliver a presentation about the Best Practice for procuring consulting engineering professional.

Dwayne Gelowitz, former chair of the Consultant Selection Working Group, described the benefits to clients of selecting the most qualified team to complete engineering services rather than selecting based on lowest price.  For the most part, client questions indicated an interest in how this method can streamline processes for the City and deliver the best value. 

The next step is for ACEC-SK to meet with the City of Regina’s procurement department to provide greater detail to those professionals who procure engineering services for the City.

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