MLA Day 2020

Based on discussions with SaskBuilds' President, Kyle Toffan, who is open to notionally exploring Qualifications-Based Selection (QBS) pilot projects, ACEC-SK chose Engineering and Geoscience Week to re-introduce QBS to legislators.  It was believed making the argument that QBS offers the opportunity for cost and schedule predictability in these economically challenging times would gain the attention of elected decision-makers.

ACEC-SK teams met with both MLAs and senior governmental officials throughout the day to discuss not only the benefits of QBS, but ACEC-SK’s continued partner relationship with many Ministries and Crowns.  In particular, there was a meeting with seven senior Cabinet Ministers to expand on the argument of why the provincial government should consider QBS as the best practice to hire engineering professionals.

The day of meetings was followed by a well-attended reception at the Legislative Buildings where a formal presentation about QBS was shared with all attendees. It was also an excellent opportunity for ACEC-SK representatives to network with many MLAs to establish new relationships as well as deepen pre-existing ones.  Feedback from both sides spoke to a very successful day!

March 3, 2020

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