MHI - Budget Implications for Transportation Consultants

The $1.15 billion 2016-17 Highways and Infrastructure Budget includes: $355 million for capital construction, $30 million in new funding for repairs to many highways throughout the province, and $500 million for the Regina Bypass. More than 1,300 km of provincial highways will see repairs or upgrades this year.

Transportation sector consulting engineers, however, will be impacted by MHI receiving 15 new FTEs for Design & Construction groups to work on Capital projects.  The FTEs will be a mix of engineer and technician positions. 

ACEC-SK has been advised that it is the Ministry’s position that they moved too quickly to private sector project delivery and they are losing the ability to be an informed client. The Transportation Executive Committee (TEC) will continue to seek additional information about plans for the new 15 FTEs and re-balancing of engineering services within MHI.

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