McNair Business Development Facilitates Consultant Procurement Focus Group

The Ministry of Highways and Infrastructure (MHI) has engaged McNair Business Development to work with ACEC-SK on long-standing procurement challenges identified by ACEC-SK at the Best Value Tri-Party sub-committee meetings.  This type of engagement mirrors McNair’s successful delivery of process outcomes for the Saskatchewan Heavy Construction Association (SHCA) two years ago.

On February 26, ACEC-SK’s Transportation Executive Committee (TEC), together with representatives from MHI and SaskBuilds’ Single Procurement Service, participated in a facilitated session to more clearly articulate each party’s perspectives on various procurement items.  The intent was to assist each party more clearly understand why certain processes are not benefiting other parties, and to obtain a commitment from each to work together to enact improvements.  This was the first of several focus groups that will be facilitated by McNair that will create a path from the Current State to an improved Future State.  ACEC-SK is very pleased to be participating in this initiative.

March 9, 2020

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