Market Sounding

One of the ways industry can engage with clients prior to projects reaching the market is to respond to market sounding, a practice of owners circulating capital project draft details to solicit feedback prior to finalization before the opening of competitions.

Since the introduction of the stimulus package, ACEC-SK has acted as a conduit to its members as a member service to share provincial government market sounding opportunities.  We have opted to share this type of information with ACEC-SK Voting Representatives.  We ask that they circulate these opportunities within their firm to the appropriate person(s) able to comment on future competitions.  We will continue to do this as government seeks our input about infrastructure projects prior to them reaching market.

Given ACEC-SK has expressed the value of market sounding to the provincial government, we would ask that member firms continue to provide feedback to us in a timely way when something is circulated so ACEC-SK can in turn provide a response to the owners.  It is very important that we continue to respond to ensure this practice continues.

As well, we would remind member firms to confirm with ACEC-SK who their assigned Voting Representatives are to support this type of initiative.  If you are unsure about the number of Voting Representatives your firm is eligible to have, please reference ACEC-SK’s Bylaws.  If you are unsure who you have assigned this year, please contact Darlene Leamon, Operations Manager, at to verify.

July 20, 2020

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