ACEC-SK Builds Rapport with Minister Harrison

On May 23, ACEC-SK’s new Board Chair, Bryce Hunter, and Executive Director Beverly MacLeod, met with the Minister of Trade and Export Development, Jeremy Harrison. The Minister was aware of ACEC-SK, and thanked the Association for signing on to the Kinder Morgan Pipeline letter of support.

ACEC-SK described the current challenges faced by our industry, particularly the lack of sustained capital investment.  ACEC-SK representatives brought the association’s Industry Capacity Survey (Phase I) to the attention of the Minister, the results of which pointed to the beginning of an exporting of consulting engineering talent and expertise.  This was, in part, deemed to be a result of the lack of sustained capital investment in the province.

The Minister indicated there were some policies it had just introduced to encourage investment in this province, but the reality is that Saskatchewan is currently at the mercy of strong federal and international head-winds that are acting as barriers to local capital investment. The Minister did indicate that it was his belief that once the provincial government budget returns to balance, which he suggested is still on track to happen in 2019, that it is anticipated more provincial government dollars will be allocated to capital projects.

It was a positive meeting. In parting, ACEC-SK offered its assistance in any way the Minister deemed appropriate to support the government’s initiatives to attract capital to the province.

June 25, 2018  

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