Community Benefits

Given the consulting engineering industry is at the front end of the construction continuum, and has received more work from the infrastructure stimulus package to-date than many other construction-related industries, our firms are essentially the government’s testing ground to get Community Benefits right.
This newly introduced selection criterion has generated a lot of buzz in the consulting engineering industry right now.  Some firms love it and are using it as an opportunity to staff up, or at a minimum compete successfully for work with their current local teams to sustain their firms for the medium term.  Others are struggling to put together a fulsome “local labour” team to win competitions because while a significant portion of their firms is local, their business models have historically pulled in certain types of expertise to complete Saskatchewan projects which does not fit neatly into the current Community Benefits requirements.
We know that Community Benefits are here to stay.  Putting our efforts into eliminating them will be wasted.  However, whether you love or hate this new government selection criterion, there are still areas where ACEC-SK can intervene on this industry’s behalf to facilitate business process improvement.  For instance:

October 5, 2020

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