ACEC-SK to Contribute to SUMA Procurement Webinar

ACEC-SK will be working with SUMA over the summer to develop an educational Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) webinar.  SUMA approached ACEC-SK with a request to provide their membership with the requisite knowledge required when procuring consulting engineering services. 

This initiative, led by the Communications Committee and supported by the Environment/Water Resources Committee, will include municipality-specific case studies that did not adopt a Qualifications Based Selection (QBS) philosophy. The intent is to ensure SUMA members have a greater understanding of what they need to consider when creating a Request for Proposal or other procurement tools.

If you work in the municipal world and wish to share some of your procurement experiences with ACEC-SK to assist with this initiative, please contact the ACEC-SK office at 306-359-3338 or at

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