ACEC-SK Supports Investment in Canada

ACEC-SK has joined with almost 100 signatures and counting from business, labour and municipal organizations across Canada in an open letter to Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Notley and Premier Hogan calling for the Trans Mountain Pipeline to proceed without further delay. 

This is an infrastructure project that will support current and future economic growth in Canada. However, business organizations and ordinary citizens are concerned Canada is at risk of losing its reputation as a welcome place for investment and job creation. The impasse on the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project is about more than a single project. It is about whether or not businesses – large or small, across our economy – can invest with confidence knowing the rules won’t change after the fact. Inaction poses a serious risk to the global reputation of our country as a safe and secure place in which to invest and do business.  In order for our country to thrive, investors need stability and consistency.  Right now confidence in Canada remains in question.

ACEC-SK also encourages its member firms and all other interested parties to consider signing this open letter.  For more information, visit to send a direct message to government about instilling investment confidence in Canada.

April 27, 2018

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