ACEC-SK Readying for 2020 Provincial Election

More and more, media and other reports are pointing to a spring provincial election.  ACEC-SK is working hard behind the scenes to ready its position when the writ is dropped.

When the election is called, ACEC-SK will be hosting an electronic writing campaign hosted prominently on its website to ensure the importance of infrastructure investment remains part of the public conversation during the election.

An important feature of this webpage will be an opportunity for individuals to access a pre-written letter that can be personalized that outlines this industry’s election message.  From this site anyone will be able to search the name of his/her local candidate by postal code, and then electronically submit this personalized letter.  The more letters we can submit, the greater the weight this industry’s united voice will be.

ACEC-SK will also be writing to the political parties with specific questions related to our message.  The questions that will be posed will be posted prominently to ACEC-SK’s website, and if/when responses from the parties are received, they will be posted to the website as well.

A separate communication to all members will be circulated when the site goes live.  We encourage as many people to participate as possible to ensure our industry’s united voice is heard!

March 9, 2020

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