ACEC-SK Meets New Minister of Highways and Infrastructure

On October 24, ACEC-SK representatives Terry Schmidt (Transportation Committee Chair), Terry Frank (Board Director) and Beverly MacLeod (Executive Director) met with David Marit,the newly appointed Minister of Highways and Infrastructure(MHI).

The intent of the meeting was to introduce the new Minister to the consulting engineering industry.  ACEC-SK members have always been strong partners of the Ministry, offering their expertise to deliver significant provincial highways projects.

The Minister alluded to provincial government fiscal restraint in response to Saskatchewan’s current economic conditions, which will ultimately impact all sectors supporting Ministry work.  However, Deputy Minister Nithi Govindasamy indicated there would always be a role for consulting engineers in the delivery of MHI projects, and referenced an upcoming review of Ministry processes used to engage engineering consultants.  ACEC-SK will continue to play a key role in those discussions.

October 2016

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