ACEC Canada Parliamentary Partners Program

ACEC-Canada’s Parliamentary Partners program, launched in 2014, invites ACEC members, including those from Saskatchewan, to liaise with Members of Parliament and candidates in their own communities. ACEC’s public affairs team assists registered participants by preparing them for meetings with MPs in their communities. Parliamentary Partners exposes members to, and directly engages them in, ACEC’s advocacy on a more frequent and consistent basis.

The program leverages ACEC members’ local connections in their ridings and their communities year-round, engaging them in advocacy on an ongoing basis and creating a pool of experienced “citizen lobbyists” on behalf of the industry. Over time, as the number of participants grows, there may be opportunities to coordinate a very large and broad grassroots campaign on future issues.

Please contact the ACEC-SK office if as a Saskatchewan member, you wish to participate in this important advocacy program.


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