Jessica Cutter M.Sc.

A passionate environmental scientist making consulting more inclusive for all.  

Jessica Cutter’s motivation for pursuing an education in Toxicology was to provide a positive contribution on environmental issues. After completing a M.Sc. degree in Environmental Toxicology, Jessica joined Saskatchewan’s consulting field at PINTER & Associates in 2014 and her passion for environmental projects continued. Her work is now predominately landfill consulting as well as environmental assessments for real estate transactions. The variety of work and wonderful people she has met are touted as Jessica’s favourite part of her consulting career. When asked about her most interesting project, “I worked on one project early in my career with one airline taking over another airline and I got to fly to several airport leases all over the northern part of the province. The variety of contaminant sources and environments encountered was so interesting”.

Jessica mentions her keys to professional success in consulting include honing a wide skillset to allow flexibility in work, prioritizing clear communication, and remembering to have fun! After nearly eight years working in consulting, Jessica mentions that her greatest career accomplishment is helping to support younger professionals; she takes great joy in supporting and encouraging new graduates as they develop their own professional careers.

Jessica is a volunteer with ACEC-SK’s new Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Committee. A member of the LGBTQ2SA+ community, Jessica is motivated to help create a more inclusive industry for visible and invisible minorities. She comments that efforts such as highlighting more inclusive common language and eliminating assumptions regarding a person’s sexual orientation or gender are critical to creating safe and comfortable work environments for all. Jessica is encouraged by the closing gender gap and increasing cultural diversity in the industry. “I want to be able to provide a safe space for everyone, as well as overall educating people on avoiding certain language, or insensitivities to visible and invisible minorities.”

Outside work hours, Jessica keeps busy with a variety of interesting hobbies, including gardening, walking her dog, reading, and travelling with her partner, Holly. Admirable humility and passion evident throughout the conversation, Jessica is a strong leader in our consulting community, demonstrating the tremendous opportunity that the industry has when we are able to attract, retain, and celebrate professionals like Jessica.