Liability Insurance

Presenters: Adam D Thomson & Connor Yeo
Date: December 5, 2023
Time: 12:00-1:30pm
Price: $149.00

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• Insurance Marketplace
• Liability requirements verses Probable Exposure
• Errors and Omission
• Types of coverage included in E&O
• Statute of limitations
• Claims Reporting Requirement
• Other coverages for consideration
• E&O claims examples

Speaker’s Bios:
Adam D Thomson, CIP Advisor, Commercial Lines Adam has over 15 years experience in commercial insurance and has specialized his career catering to national and provincial insurance programs. Adam is a thirdgeneration broker who is proud to be a catalyst in the insurance business. This has allowed him to locate and build unique ways of approaching risk. Throughout his career, Adam has been a trusted advisor for thousands of individuals, companies, and groups across Canada. He prides himself on providing exceptional customer service experiences by offering trusted advice and risk mitigation along with management strategies.
Connor Yeo, BSc. ,Account Executive, Commercial Lines Connor received his Bachelor of Science in Biology from the University of Saskatchewan in 2012. Upon graduation, Connor moved to Red Deer, AB to begin working as an environmental consultant. Following 5 years in the consulting industry, he decided it was time to move closer to home to plant roots and raise a family. Connor started his insurance career in 2020 with Hoffmann Kool Insurance as a Motor License Issuer. Early on, his passion for learning and self-starting attitude was recognized and rewarded. In 2021 Connor moved into a broker role in Commercial Lines. With a background in science, Connor has a deep curiosity. This passion for learning drives him to a deeper understanding of his clients and the problems they face. With a philosophy centered around education and risk management, Connor strives to be a trusted advisor for his clients, within the insurance industry and without.