Priority Sask Government Procurement Transformation Seminar Feb 2017





Reg Howard, Director, Procurement Modernization

Erin Connelly, Senior Strategic Planner (Crown Investments Corporation of Saskatchewan)CIC

Greg Lusk, Assistant Vice President Priority Saskatchewan


Priority Saskatchewan is standardizing the approach to the procurement process. This presentation and others similar to it were part of the process of roling out the changes to the private sector. Although the process is in the implementation stage, Priority Saskatchewan will continue to keep ACEC-SK and it's members aware of their progress. Below was an overview of some of the topics covered during the seminar. 


Those who attended the seminar took away the following:

The following Resource Materials are available:

The Seven Steps – Overview

  1. Need Identification/Problem Definition 
  2. Decide on a Procurement Approach
  3. Conduct the Competition 
  4. Evaluate Bids 
  5. Make an Award
  6. Debrief Suppliers
  7. Contract Management

Implementation Process:

Next Steps for Priority Saskatchewan




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