2019 Industry Forum with SaskPower

On April 9, 2019 ACEC-SK held it's Industry Forum with SaskPower. We continue to grow our relationship with SaskPower, saying thank you to Ken Hoff, outgoing Director of Procurement & Contracts Management and welcoming Rhea Brown, new Director of Procurement & Contracts Management. The forum was a great opportunity for members to network with SaskPower representatives in Procurement, Transmission Services, Power Production, Properties, and Legal. 

Presentation Program 

Rhea Brown, Director, Procurement & Contracts Management
  • Procurement Focus & Overview
  • What is Underway/Planned
  • Procurement Optimization
Brian Shortt, Director, Law, Infrastructure Prequalification Program for Professional Engineering Services

Jonathan Goudy, Manager, Engineering Stations

  • Drivers for Transmission Projects / Programs
  • Aging Infrastructure 
  • Capital Program
  • Service Agreements
  • Engineering Delivery
  • Engineering Challenges

Scott Bannerman, Director, Engineering Services, Power Production

  • Engineering, Construction & Project Delivery 
  • Captial Investments
  • Future Opportunities 

Scott Campbell, Director, Properties and Shared Services

  • Who - is Properties
  • What -  does Properties do
  • Where - are our Facilities
  • When - current/future projects
  • Why - SaskPower and ACEC


April 9, 2019

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