Young Professional January Lunch & Learns


Bert Munro, P.Eng, FCSCE, FEC
Former VP & General Manager of Associated Engineering 

“Salaries and Fees in a Changing Economy” 
– and what the young consultant needs to know. 

Regina - January 18, 2017

Saskatoon - January 31, 2017

Bert Munro’s presentation was very well attended by both the Regina and Saskatoon contingents with 25 and 36 attendees, respectively.  The presentation titled ‘Salaries & Fees in a Changing Economy’ touched on the philosophy and some of the finer points of how we, as consulting engineers, charge for our services and how it relates to both direct and indirect project expenses. 

Mr. Munro discussed the obligations of an engineer to protect the public, the environment, and ourselves while maintaining a professional and business ethic. He also delved into the topics of revenues and expenditures and how to ensure that our companies are profitable with a focus on investment in the future of our industry while maintaining fairness to our clients. 

He used several examples which sparked a great dialogue with the attendees about the future of the consulting engineering industry and how we can develop our business sense early in our careers to ensure we are prepared to enter the management side of engineering. 

On behalf of the ACEC-SK Young Professionals Group, we would like to thank Mr. Bert Munro for his time and effort in presenting to us and we look forward to crossing paths with him in the future.

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