ACEC-SK/SUMA Webinar Opens RFP Dialogue

ACEC-SK was invited by SUMA to address Request for Proposal challenges through an October 11, 2017 webinar for SUMA members.  Accepting the invitation allowed the Association the opportunity to demystify the consulting engineering procurement process.

The presentation, titled Communication:  Your key to successful Requests for Proposals (RFP) was developed by Daryl Andrew, Paul Walsh, Tom Williams and Bev MacLeod.  Following the presentation by Tom Williams, SUMA members were invited to participate in a Question and Answer session.  

“Any opportunity for ACEC-SK to provide insight regarding the RFP process, is a valuable and practical service to both our members and their clients,” said Executive Director, Bev MacLeod. “Our Association will continue to expand our communication tools to strengthen this relationship."


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