Discussing Quality of Construction Documents

On behalf of ACEC-SK, I participated in a Dialogue Session hosted by the Regina Construction Association which focussed on Quality of Construction Documents.  The event was held at the Conexus Arts Centre on November 26, 2015 following the Regina Construction Association’s AGM.

The panel consisted of a supplier, sub-trade, general contractor, engineer (myself), architect and owner. After a brief presentation by each of the panelists, the panelists and attendees were broken out by sector to discuss the following questions:

•    What factors contribute to lower quality documents?
•    What consequences do lower quality documents create for your business or for the industry?
•    What would it mean for your business or for the industry if documents were consistently of higher quality?
•    What solutions can you identify for consistently improving the quality of documents?

After the breakout session, panelists then presented a summary of their group’s findings.  In general, the discussion was very positive with no particular blame being assigned to any sector.  In fact, it made everyone appreciate each particular group’s difficulties and challenges created by poor quality documents. Everyone agreed that it was an important issue facing the construction industry and better communication, education and training is needed by everyone to improve the quality of contract documents.

Tom Williams, P.Eng., Vice President for Engineering for Walker Projects

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