Associate and Corporate Members Share Value - AutoDesk Seminar

ACEC-SK values its Associate members, and we want Associate members to value being members!  What do suppliers value? Access to ACEC-SK members because they know that engineers and geoscientists influence clients’ decisions about what products/services  to use on projects.

One benefit ACEC-SK Associate members may not be aware of is the opportunity to promote their products/services directly to ACEC-SK Corporate members through educational sessions. IMAGINiT Technologies recently took advantage of this member benefit through its offer of two AutoDesk seminars in both Regina and Saskatoon.  Turnout was good, and attendee feedback was very positive.

So why is attending a supplier seminar an important Corporate member service? As already noted, consulting engineering/geoscience firms recommend products and services to project owners.  Products and services are always advancing, and while firms may already be using a service, or recommending certain products, they may not be aware of the most recent advances.  They also may not be fully utilizing the service’s or material’s capacity which limits their ability to leverage their own investments – particularly as it contributes to project solutions.

Corporate members can learn about these advantages directly from suppliers through a targeted product focus.

ACEC-SK can offer a single-stop, low-cost neutral vehicle to learn, and the association can take care of the logistics for both sides.

It’s a win-win!



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