What is the Consulting Industry Capacity Today in Saskatchewan?

Why is it Important to Know?

In today’s changing economy, it is more important than ever to understand the face of our industry.  How many people will be retiring from your firm in the near future?  How many people have over 20 years of experience in the Saskatchewan industry? What engineering disciplines does your firm offer?  What requirements do you look for when hiring?  How many engineering and technology students are currently graduating from universities and colleges? How many are expected to graduate in the next five years?

What are the types and magnitude of consulting engineering industry projects in this province? Is it changing? Are your companies equipped to handle change? What types of skill-sets will be necessary to operate a consulting business in our province in the future, and where are the current gaps?  What can your association do to help address those gaps?

These are examples of the types of questions you will be  asked by your association in the next several months in an Industry Capacity Survey. ACEC-SK’s Human Resources Committee has been tasked with taking the pulse of Saskatchewan’s consulting engineering and geoscience industry for several purposes:

We encourage member firms to look for this important industry project later in the fall and take the time to help us understand what the industry looks like today, and what needs we will be facing in the future.

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