Thomas Williams, P.Eng.

Summer Job Determines Career Path

As a freshman at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S), Tom Williams was considering three career options: Law, Medicine or Engineering.  Summer employment with the Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) contributed to his final decision.

 “I am an outdoors type of person and working for PFRA was not only a good fit, but it introduced me to opportunities in the field of engineering,” said Williams.   He knew that he did not want a career that kept him behind a desk. 

Williams received his Bachelor’s Degree, Agricultural Engineering, Graduating with Distinction from the U of S in 1988.  He acknowledges that “It was a tough course to take, with a heavy work load.  Agricultural Engineering students did not have much time for socializing as did undergrads in Law or Medicine.” 

The program was later separated into four degrees:  Bachelor of Science in Agriculture, Bachelor of Science in Agribusiness, Bachelor of Science in Animal Bioscience, Bachelor of Science in Renewable Resource Management.

A strong work ethic, a willingness to take on challenges and learning to listen propelled Williams throughout his career. His first assignment in the consulting engineering industry was an irrigation and water use survey with UMA (now AECOM).  

Project completion required input from both rural residents and the consulting engineer. “Listening is key to learning what is required and how it can be accomplished within regulation guidelines.  As a consulting engineer, my responsibility is twofold; take the time to listen to clients’ concerns, advising them in a manner that they understand and successfully addressing the problem to the satisfaction of both parties.”     

Tom Williams, P. Eng. discovered that consulting was the right career. He has travelled across the province, completing projects in nearly every community:  drainage, roads, water and wastewater projects, residential and commercial land development, and downstream channel improvements on Rafferty Dam.  His is respected by both clients and peers for his accomplishments throughout Saskatchewan.  

Success brings more success. As Vice President of Engineering for Walker Projects, he is incorporating his experience into business and team development. He may spend more time at a desk, but it is unlikely that his approach to leadership will change. 

Tom, his wife Sandy and their two daughters, Tagan and Lauren currently live in the Regina Lakeridge neighbourhood he helped develop.  His most important legacy, his girls, point out to their friends: their Dad built the local playpark.

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