Darran Stamm, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C

Darran Stamm, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C

Who knew seeing a ring at a volleyball tournament would turn into a job offer.  That’s exactly what happened to this guy…meet Darran Stamm, P.Eng., LEED AP BD+C.

Darran is currently working at Alfa Engineering Ltd.; an electrical consulting engineering firm, as a Senior Engineer, Principal.  This job didn’t come by choice for Darran, it came by chance.

This is his story…

Graduating in 1999 from the Electronic Systems Engineering program at the University of Regina, Darran was eager to hit the ground running and start his career.  However, without any industry knowledge, he applied to companies he knew like SaskPower and SaskEnergy, but to no avail.  With his mind made up and determined to stay in the Queen’s City to start his family, he ended up taking a job working in the Hotel industry.  For the next four years, Darran worked hard and enjoyed what he did, but it wasn’t in his field of study.  He thought of getting into the trades and becoming a Journeyman, but little did he know that everything would change for him one faithful weekend at a volleyball tournament.

While on the sidelines with his teammates, he happened to notice another player sporting a ring, but not just any ring.  He was wearing an “Engineers Ring”!  Through conversation and comradery, it turns out this gentleman worked for Alfa Engineering and as luck would have it, they were hiring.  Excited to jump at the opportunity, Darran gladly submitted his resumé.

After a few bumps along the way, Darran got the job!  He started his career at Alfa as a draftsman using AutoCAD.  His eagerness to learn, soon led him up the ranks, earning many designations and gaining a lot of experience along the way.  The diversity in projects found in the consulting engineering firm gave him the opportunities to see a project develop from the concept phase through to construction.  This allowed Darran the opportunity to grow to where he is today as Senior Engineer, and a Principal in the firm.

For Darran, the idea of being part of a small firm appealed to him then and still does to this day.  For him, a smaller firm gave him a voice and not just making him feel like a number

Darran was asked the secret to his success and his response was; “There is no secret! It’s all about having a strong work ethic…the willingness to work hard, always continue learning, have the drive to succeed and to stay focused on your goals!...If you work hard, you will be rewarded!”




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