2016 Recipient

Photo (l to r): Dave Kent, P.Eng., FEC., accepts the
association's Mentor Award from ACEC-SK Chair Jeffrey
Halliday, P.Eng.

The 2016 Association of Consulting Engineering Companies - Saskatchewan (ACEC-SK) Mentor Award recipient is Dave Kent, P.Eng., FEC.

Dave Kent received his B.Sc. in Civil Engineering in 1972, and went on to earn his M.Sc. in Geotechnical Engineering in 1974. He started his career at EBA Engineering in 1974, but has been with Clifton Associates in Regina since 1979. He moved into progressively more responsible roles through the year, and today serves as Clifton’s Chief Engineer.

Dave Kent has been an influential leader for many years, within many disciplines, and has a result has his fingerprint on many great people in our province, our country and across the globe. He is a pillar of the engineering community and a multidisciplinary specialist. The culture of Clifton Associates was built in part by Dave's traits as an understanding, patient, and kind man. Furthermore and equally important, as an engineer he is concise, methodical, and well spoken. Seen to all including peers, mentees, and clients he is trustworthy and forgiving. All the characteristics of a mentor that is worthy of celebration and recognition.

He has provided a solid foundation for many junior and intermediate engineers, environmental scientists, and technicians alike.  Many of his mentees have recieved their professional disignations because of the teaching, guidance and mentorship Dave has afforded them.    

Dave has been in the consulting engineering field for 37 years and at least 150 people are currently influenced and mentored by this great man.  Some mentees recall the humbling first time Dave red lined a report for them, others marvel at Dave's uncanny ability to troubleshoot complex modeling programs, still others fondly recall his innate ability to provide last minute technical guidance on hydrogeological impacts of onsite wastewater systems constructed in shallow groundwater conditions, additionally describing the relevance and providing rationale of Darcy's Law.  All recall the awe inspiring depth of his technical knowledge(which is always seemingly off the top of his head). They also comment on the kindness and humility in which he shares his wealth of knowledge, which is of saintly proportions. In an environment of facts, figures, and precision, Dave's deadpan humour is a welcomed change which always creates a comradery independent of the age or experience gap.

Dave is selfless and seemingly tireless. Because of these admirable traits, people look up to him, aspire to be like him, and inevitably become leaders that keep his teachings close to heart. With the full engineering load that Dave has, he also creates a space for people to thrive where they are encouraged, positively pressured, but also fully supported. He also recognizes that simple approaches are the most effective and as such, has advocated common sense approaches. He has encouraged and fostered the development of many professionals. 



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