What is a Consulting Engineer or Geoscientist

ACEC-SK consulting engineers and geoscientist members are experienced and licensed intellectual resources hired by clients to assist with a project or a problem requiring external advice, technical assistance, or service. They provide investment advice to clients.

They are:

  • legally registered and authorized to practice engineering and geosciences under the laws of the province
  • subject to strict code of ethics and accept personal responsibility for their professional acts and those of their staff
  • required to provide technically-sound direction, taking into account socioeconomic and environmental factors of all projects for the benefit of society

Based on their knowledge and Field(s) of Specialization, consultants provide the best possible options and solutions for specific projects.

Consulting engineers and geoscientist transform ideas into results, build safe communities, protect the environment, and lead technological advancement across a broad spectrum of industries.

Member of: