Message from new 2021-2022 ACEC-SK Chair

I am very honoured to take on the Chair’s role, as we continue to navigate through this pandemic. The past year has been unprecedented in terms of the changes in our day to day lives, and the response from our industry has emphasized our importance in the province.  I am encouraged by the strength and commitment of our board and look forward to working together on behalf of all member firms.

Continued efforts to focus upon diversity and inclusion efforts within our membership is paramount to our society, and our association’s long term success.  Efforts put forward over the past few years will be expanded upon as we target ensuring all are made to feel welcome, and able to maximize their capacity and contributions to the richness of our province.

Special thanks to our ACEC-SK staff for recognizing opportunities available during the pandemic. As the province moves towards full reopening, renewed efforts at providing face to face opportunities for member firms to meet, to network and to help expand the historical relationships with provincial decision makers will be made, while keeping in mind the lessons and opportunities established from our reaction to the pandemic. Our large revenue generating events of the past will be evaluated and efforts made where possible to have them re-established.

The direction of the Board this year will be to consistently communicate with our member firms, to monitor our Finances, to be agile and proactive.  Our member firms are and will continue to play significant roles in the government’s stimulus and long term infrastructure plans. With the province facing an unprecedented need for infrastructure expansion a robust engineering consulting industry is recognized as being paramount to achieving the goals of the province.

 In closing I look forward to the upcoming year and to help continue the valuable work of this association.


Sean Bayer, P.Eng.
Chair, ACEC-SK Board of Directors

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