Letter from New 2018-2019 Chair

It is my pleasure to serve ACEC-SK on behalf of our member firms for the upcoming 2018-2019 term. I look forward to working with the talented group of people that serve our board and committees. Our members are the life blood of our association, and we are committed to working together to ensure our industry remains healthy, and sustainable.

The consulting industry in Canada, particularly Saskatchewan, has changed significantly over the past few years. We continue to see economic challenges that have led to what I call our “New Normal”. Now, more than ever, we need to advocate for the important work our industry does as everyone navigates the everchanging world.

We see world trade shifting and changing, including newly formed global trade agreements and ongoing negotiations that will impact NAFTA, interprovincial conflicts, and trade challenges that limit our ability to access tidewater. Closer to home, we are experiencing reduced public and private spend in Saskatchewan, which continues to put pressure on our industry to change.

ACEC-SK’s vision is “a strong, vibrant and respected Saskatchewan consulting engineering and geoscience industry”. As such, it is vitally important that ACEC-SK continue to increase the stature and influence of our association with the support of our member firms by displaying the value of consulting engineers’ and geoscientists’ contributions to Saskatchewan’s social, economic and environmental quality of life.

Therefore, focus in the coming year will be to emphasize why it is important to the economy to maintain the health of our industry. ACEC-SK will continue to work hard to represent the views of the consulting engineering and geoscience industry, and in particular, raise awareness of the value that our professionals contribute to the economy and value they bring to our communities.

The world around us continues to evolve and we need to be strategic and nimble in the continued evolution of our industry in Saskatchewan.

Bryce Hunter, P. Eng.


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