ACEC-SK Board of Directors in Action

The ACEC-SK Board met in Davidson, SK on Aug 22, 2018 to re-visit its Strategic Priorities for the remainder of the year.  The economic climate continues to shift very quickly along with client expectations.  ACEC-SK wants to ensure it prioritizes its members’ needs to respond to this rapidly changing world.

Procurement, contract language, and our relevance as a trusted advisor remain top priorities, as does ensuring the industry’s profile continues to grow.  As decisions about infrastructure investment move forward, your association will continue to communicate about the value consulting engineers provide in those decisions.

Another priority will be leading this industry in a very competitive environment.  During this challenging time, members must come together more than ever, work together, and support one another on common issues.  Client satisfaction and working with integrity are key to sustainability in today’s ever-changing environment.

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